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single masterclasses

Wisdom & tangible tools to support you in specifc areas of parenting:

~ Managing Meal Times

~ Setting Yourself Up For Bedtime Success

~ Navigating Being Out In Public With Your Kids

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Set Boundaries Your Kids Respond To

Become a master at setting boundaries your kids *ACTUALLY* respond to, & free up ample energy as a parent.


Raising empowered kids

A self-paced program - if you desire to raise confident, empowered children, children who feel safe to bounce back from challenge, who have high self-worth & KNOW their capabilities in the world - this is for you.

8x 10 min powerful video modules

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The Toddler toolkit

Parenting toddlers is a whole other ball game...

This self-paced program will equip you with tangible tools & language, to have you feelin' less defeated, frazzled & frustrated as you navigate the chaos of raising your toddler.

For parents of 2-3 year olds.


parenting library

Get access to ALL our parenting programs & masterclasses, in one single portal - for $40 a month (cancel anytime).

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The Empowered Parent

1:1 Voxer Mentoring

Get me in your back pocket to support & equip you in navigating the imminent day-to-day challenges of raising tiny humans, with easeee.

Tailored voice message mentoring, specific to your family needs.

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