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It's my mission to support you in feeling more equipped to navigate the challenges of parenting - boundaries, behaviour, big emotions, meal time fussiness, bedtime resistance, the chaos of being out in public with your kids - & and everything inbetween!

Raising tiny humans is a whopper of a role, and I've spent the last 9 years equipping myself, experimenting with different tools, language & techniques - and in the process, have created super simple ways to raise kids in more empowered, loving ways - that create SO MUCH ease for you as the parent.

This membership library is a way for you to gain access to EVERYTHING I have offered previously, and have on offer currently, all in one wisdom-filled-portal.

Here's what you'll get access to:

1. GET YOUR KIDS TO LISTEN TO YOU (supports you in setting boundaries your kids *actually* respond to - in loving, empowering ways)

2. GUIDE FROM THE HEART (9 audios to drop you back into the heart of your parenting)

3. FEEL NOURISHED IN YOUR PARENTING (refine the ways you're meeting tantrums, behaviour & boundaries, so that you expend less frustrated energy & feel more nourished  in your parenting)

4. MANAGING MEAL TIMES MASTERCLASS (get support with fussy eaters, meal time boundaries & support kids to attune more deeply to their hunger cues)

5. SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR BEDTIME SUCCESS MASTERCLASS (create the most optimal bedtime rhythm & work with kids reistance to sleep)

6. NAVIGATING BEING OUT IN PUBLIC WITH YOUR KIDS MASTERCLASS  (dealing with desire, tantrums & boundary setting out in public)

7. RAISING EMPOWERED KIDS (8x 10min videos to support you in raising confident, resilient kids)

8. THE TODDLER TOOLKIT (all the tools you need to navigate the chaos of raising 2-3 year olds; boundary setting, toddler tantrums, engaging activities, empowerment & the weaning process)

9. DEALING WITH TANTRUMS, MELTDOWNS & BIG EMOTIONS MASTERCLASS (learn how to support co-regulation simply, & navigate aggression that often comes with big emotions)

+ any new programs run, will be uploaded into this portal upon completion. All accessible in an online portal - programs contain video, audio & written content.

Join for $40 a month (use the code PARENT10 to get $10 off your first billing cycle).

Cancel anytime.

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