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The Toddler toolkit

A portal to equip you in navigating the 'wtf', relentless moments of raising toddlers


Parenting toddlers is a whole other ball game..

Whirlwinds of chaotic energy, 'I WANT' / 'I DO IT' adamance, intense tantrums, 2 second attention span, snatching, pulling the house apart 100 times a day; this season is warranted a giant WTF!

However, parents, when you understand WHY these tiny humans behave the ways they do, and you're equipped with language & tools to meet them in ways they actually respond to - things can start feelin' a heck of a lot easier!

Setting boundaries, redirecting their energy, navigating big emotions & behaviours, honouring their personal power & needs.

When you have awareness & tools to lean on, parenting toddlers becomes less WTF and more 'I got this'.

What's included:

5 x 10 min audio trainings

~ Toddler Basics: Everything you need to know about why toddlers act & behave the ways they do.

~ Toddler Boundaries: 5 epic boundary setting techniques that your toddler will *actually* respond to. 

~ Toddler Tantrums: navigating the big feels at home & out in public, in more seamless ways. 

~ Empowering toddlers: supporting personal power, social interaction & expanding language.

~ The Weaning Process: navigating separation anxiety, weaning from breastfeeding & dummies in nurturing ways.

A PDF workbook

~ printable support tools for toddler emotions.

~ simple activities that'll keep toddlers engaged for more than 30 seconds.

~ tips on making nappy changing FUN.

~ printable toddler boundary techniques poster for your fridge.

"As a Bachelor qualified early childhood educator, who has mainly led 2-5 year olds - i know how chaotic it can feel to communicate with & raise toddlers.

As an expert in all things kids, i've found some really simple, tangible ways to make communicating with & parenting toddlers more seamless - and this is what i'm sharing with you in this toolkit"

If you're ready to feel less chaos & more ease in raising your toddler (1-3 year old), this is for you!

Once you sign up you'll get an email with access to the portal - please check your junk folder, as it sometimes sneaks in there. Access to the online portal is unlimited, and yours for life (so you can keep revisiting as many times as you need). 

  • The Toddler Toolkit

    • The Toddler Toolkit

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      Valid for 4 weeks
      • 4 x weekly payments of $25
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