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Single masterclasses

Isabella shares her wisdom & tangible tools to support you in specific areas of parenting, so that you can experience more ease in the day-to-day challenges of raising tiny humans. These are recordings of live masterclasses that were run recently, and are most supportive of parents of 2-12 year olds. Once purchased, you have lifetime access.


Managing Meal times

~ why children are super inconsistent & fussy in their eating habits.

~ fun ways to support fussy eaters in expanding their diet and being more excited about meal times.

~ managing expectations around meal times & ability to sit at the table.

~ boundary setting at meal times.

~ supporting kids to attune to their hunger cues.


Setting yourself up for bedtimes success

~ why bedtime can be so chaotic & understanding kids resistance to sleep.

~ tools to help meet this resistance, and create the most seamless bedtime rhythm.

~ clear & consistent boundaries to support transition to bedtime.

~ navigating fears of sleeping alone.


Being out in public with your kids

~ how to set boundaries in public spaces that your kids will actually respond to.

~ navigating public meltdowns.

~ what to do when your child is cracking it because they don't want to leave (the park, party, play centre)

~ validating big desire without having to buy everything your child wants.

  • Managing Meal Times

    Masterclass replay
  • Set Yourself Up For Bedtime Success

    Masterclass replay
  • Being Out In Public With Your Kids

    Masterclass replay
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