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A 2-week program, for parents desiring to raise empowered, confident children..png

Empowered. confident. Thriving.

I know you want to raise children who FEEEEL empowered.

Children who know they're loved, even as they navigate hard things.

Children who have the emotional resilience to handle life's ups & downs.

Children who feel confident in who they are, and can speak their truth.

Children with an unshakeable sense of self-worth.

Children who feel capable in their independence.

Because, parents:

A child who knows they are supported, who is led with empowering language & loved into expansion..

Is a child who can THIRVE in big ways as they grow.

The power of this program

Mini-Video Modules:

~ Loving our kids as they do hard things

~ Independence as a rite of passage

~ Self-esteem, confidence & worth

~ Empowering communication

~ The labels & praise we give our kids

~ Getting our own fears out of the way

~ Emotional resilience

~ Encouraging kids to speak up for themselves

All modules are delivered via pre-recorded video content (8x10 min videos), which you can devour at your own pace.

Lifetime access.

For parents of 2-12 year olds.

Once you sign up, you'll get an email with the link to an online portal, where you can access all the content.

  • Raising Empowered Kids

    Self-paced program

A little about me...

Hiyaa, I'm Isabella (Izy). A Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Educator, with 9+ years experience guiding children of many different ages & abilities, mostly in the home setting. But on a deeper level, I'm a hearty, emotionally connected woman, passionate about raising our little beings in more deeply loving, conscious ways.

Over my years of Guiding children, I have gathered up so much wisdom on our tiny humans; what language they best respond to, how to navigate big behaviours & emotions, their core needs and how to meet them simply.

Alongside this experience, I have also been on my own inner healing journey, meeting my own big emotions & childhood wounds, which has allowed me to become a clearer channel in the way I show up with children.  

I'm really passionate about sharing this knowledge with parents, not only so we can set our children up for a thriving future - but also so that our Guiding can feel fkn GOOOOD in the process.

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