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Guide from the heart

A 9-day immersion to tap you back into EASEFUl parenting


I know you desire to lead your children in *new* ways. To stop the icky cycle of fear based punishment, bribes & control. For your leading of children to be more easeful & connected.

And this comes, from Guiding from the Heart.

As human's, we like to know the heady-'how'..

How to navigate a tantrum.

How to get our kids to sleep through the night.

How to get our kids to respect our boundaries.

And these strategies can absolutely help, but they only get us so far. Because in the moments they don't work; they leave us exhaustedoverthinking, on our knees questioning 'whyyyyy?!'

You've felt this, right?

Those complete defeat moments in your parenting or teaching?

And Guider, I want RELIEF to be your *new standard*.

I want you to approach your Guiding with a deeeeeep knowing.

I want you to stop 'thinking' about how to be more loving, and just BE it.

I want your connection with your child to be easeful!

When we're guiding from the heart, we FEEEEL our kids. We know what they need. How to respond to their outbursts. 

There isn't a heady strategy for this.


The immersive experience:

9 Days. 9 Audio's. 9 Activations to tap you back into the heart of your Guiding.


9x 10-15 min audio's to explore in your own time, that offer new perspectives, reminders, permission slips in different areas of your Guiding; designed to simplify your ability to parent from the heart. Devour on your way to work, on your lunch break, or once you've put the kids to sleep (podcast style!). 

The set list:

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 9.53.07 pm.png
This is for you if

~ you're devoted to parenting/teaching your children in *new* loving ways.

~ you're feeling exhausted & at wit's end in your parenting.

~ you've got all the techniques & strategies down pat, and desire MORE.

~ what you've been trying isn't working + you're yearning for some reminders that tap you back into your centre.

~ you find yourself back in the old patterns of yelling, bribing, punishing often, and are ready to create a deeper shift.


'WOW! I feel like there were so many little gems I got each day. There was a massive shift when I rephrased things or came from the heart space.'


'Thank you for all these insights, I'm feeling so empowered!! So much has landed for me, loving this podcast-style'


'It's so easy to fall into rushing or having expectations, this has helped me slow down & have more compassion in the day-to-day, and it's WILD the transformation so far!'

  • Guide from the Heart

    A 9 Day Immersive Experience

A little about me...

Hiyaa, I'm Isabella (Izy). A Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Educator, with 9+ years experience guiding children of many different ages & abilities. But on a deeper level, I'm a hearty, emotionally connected woman, passionate about raising our little beings in more deeply loving, conscious ways.

Over my years of Guiding children, I have gathered up so much wisdom on our tiny humans, how to best support them to thrive, and how to allow our Guiding to be less exhausting/more easeful in the process.

Alongside this experience, I have also been on my own inner healing journey, meeting my own big emotions & childhood wounds, which has allowed me to become a clearer channel in the way I show up with children.  

I'm really passionate about sharing this knowledge with parents, not only so we can set our children up for a thriving future - but also so that our Guiding can feel fkn GOOOOD in the process.

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