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An audio-Immersion for parents who desire to set boundaries their kids *ACTUALLY* listen to.

Parents, I know how exhausting it can be.

When your boundaries & instructions go in one ear and out the other.

When you repeat yourself over and over and over, and get no response. Push-back. Anger. A hard NO.

I know that you don't want to punish, bribe or control your child into listening. I know you want to empower them. To let them have choices.

It's possible for your boundaries to feel EASY & powerful, and honour your child in the process. And I want to teach you exactly *HOW*.

3 podcasts of audio GOLD that will have you setting boundaries with ease:

AUDIO 1: The foundations of setting boundaries

(All you need to know about tone, communication & consistency)

AUDIO 2: The tools & techniques

(Four of my go-to techniques that kids *actually* respond to)

AUDIO 3: Following through & healthy consequences 

(How to hold your boundaries in deeply loving ways; & navigate your child's emotional response to boundaries)

15-20 min audios (podcast style) to devour in your own time.

This is for you if:

~ you find yourself flip-flopping from yelling at your child -> letting them have whatever they want; as a way to get them to listen.

~ you're exhausted & drained by how much your words go in your child's ear, and out the other.

~ you desire to set boundaries that empower & honour your child, whilst feeling sovereign yourself in the process.

~ you're done with being walked all over, and losing your cool 24/7 (AKA you want your parenting to feel more easeful & connected).

*for Guiders of 3-12 year olds*

audio's are yours for LIFE, to enjoy & come back to as much as you need. 

  • Boundary Setting Immersion

    Get Your Child To Listen To You

A little about me...

Hiyaa, I'm Isabella (Izy). A Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Educator, with 9+ years experience guiding children of many different ages & abilities. But on a deeper level, I'm a hearty, emotionally connected woman, passionate about raising our little beings in more deeply loving, conscious ways.

Over my years of Guiding children, I have gathered up so much wisdom on our tiny humans, how to best support them to thrive, and how to allow our Guiding to be less exhausting/more easeful in the process.

Alongside this experience, I have also been on my own inner healing journey, meeting my own big emotions & childhood wounds, which has allowed me to become a clearer channel in the way I show up with children.  

I'm really passionate about sharing this knowledge with parents, not only so we can set our children up for a thriving future - but also so that our Guiding can feel fkn GOOOOD in the process.

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