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Get your Kids to Listen to you

An audio Immersion for parents desiring to set boundaries their kids *ACTUALLY* respond to. Creating ease & cooperation in your relationship with your child.

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Guide from the heart

9 Days. 9 Audios. 9 Activations to tap you back into the heart of your Parenting.

Less heady strategy. More hearty knowing. When we parent from the heart, we FEEEEEL our kids more deeply. Ease and relief becomes the *new standard*. And I desire this deeply for you, Parents.

The Toddler toolkit

Parenting toddlers is a whole other ball game...

Whirlwinds of chaotic energy, 'I WANT' / 'I DO IT' adamance, tantrums, snatching, pulling the house apart 100 times a day.

A season that is warranted a giant WTF! 

This self-paced program will equip you with tangible tools & language, and have you feelin' less defeated, frazzled & frustrated as you navigate the challenges of raising your toddler.

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Raising empowered kids


A self-paced program for parents & educators desiring to raise confident, empowered children. Children who feel safe in exploring their edges, who have high self-worth & KNOW their capabilities in the world.

8x 10 min powerful video modules

The Empowered Guider

1:1 Parent Mentoring

Tailored mentoring to support you in the sticky challenges of raising tiny humans.

For the parents who desire to raise their children in more loving, empowering ways; and are wanting 1:1 support to navigate the 'how'.

Short & long term packages available.

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