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A whole month of wisdom & tangible tools to support you in parenting through the xmas season, without using santa as a bribe.

Parents, December is here!

*cue internal panic*

I know this month, things get INTENSE in your relationship with your kids.

Behaviour and emotions are high.

They're living' off advent calendar treats & are on a desire rampage.

You have work Xmas parties & kindy concerts filling up your schedule.

And in this intensity, it can be VERY easy to use ol' mate Santa as your saviour...

'Be good cos Santa is watching'

'If you keep being naughty you won't get any presents for Xmas'

I get it, it works.

It works because it scares kids into listening.


You're here because, although you're exhausted AF, you wanna get through this season without shaming, punishing & bribing your kids.

You want this Christmas to feel more peaceful for your family.

You want your kids to feel empowered, not shamed.

You want support to navigate the big behaviour & high emotion, so you don't have to use fear.

I got you. Let's get through this xmas, the empowered way.

How it works:

Once you join, you get access to a private Facebook group where there'll be ongoing content & wisdom to support you through the entire month of December.

What you can expect:

~ regular live videos, written tidbits, ability to ask questions & receive tailored support.

~ tangible support with boundary setting, behaviour & big emotion through the Xmas season.

~ new, empowering perspectives on Santa, Christmas & presents.


Content will be offered in short-form, simple, potent ways - so you'd don't have to 'keep up' with a crazy amount of info through the silly season. I want you to jump in, receive the juice, and go put it into action!

Who it's for:

Parents of 2-12 year olds who..

~ are feelin' depleted & need some tangible tools to support their parenting this December.

~ often fall into the trap of using Santa as a bribe in the Xmas exhaustion, and desire to feel more equipped to handle challenges in other ways.

~ often parent in conscious, empowering ways; but as soon as December hits & you're at capacity, the loving language goes out the window.

~ desire for the Xmas season to feel more peaceful & connected in their home.


'As bachelor qualified expert, with 9+ years experience working with children & families - I know how challenging this time of year can be.

knowing what kids respond best to - I've developed some really simple, powerful ways to set boundaries and navigate big behaviour & emotions without the use of santa.' 


If you're ready to get through the Xmas season (& beyond) in a more empowered way, this is for you.

Once you join, you get access to the group, all the content already shared, and all to come - for the entire month of December. The group will be archived Jan 1st, meaning you'll still have access to everything in it for life, but will no longer be able to comment/interact.

After joining, you'll get an email straight away with the link to the Facebook group - check your junk/spam folder, as it sometimes sneaks in there.

I can't wait to support you deeply in the lead up to Xmas!


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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