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Nanny-Share Enrolment Form

Day(s) comitting to attend

* if you have a plan, Isabella will need a copy!

e.g physical injuries, learning challenges, diagnosed ASD/ADHD, separation anxiety, trauma...

Do you consent to photo’s of your childs face being shared on Raising Empowered Kids social media, as inspiration for those wanting to parent their kids in more empowered ways?

Program Agreements

By signing this Agreement form, you're agreeing to the following:


~ I agree that all information I've shared here (regarding my child's health, wellbeing, needs) is accurate + true to the best of my knowledge. I agree that I will communicate any changes to this information with Isabella as necessary.


~ I agree that if my child is injured, or has a reaction to something during session, I will not hold Isabella liable, knowing that she is creating the safest space for my child possible + has the training required to do so. Any ambulance/medical fees will be paid by me, as parent/guardian.


~ I agree to bring any concerns to Isabella first and foremost, with a willingness to work through any challenges as a team. I agree that any concerns will be resolved in person or via phone call, respectfully.

~ I agree to respect the start + end times of the session, by arriving as on time as possible for drop-off and pick-up (or communicating if I'm running late).


~ I agree to provide my child with the adequate food, water, medication (if required) + change of clothing to ensure their basic needs are met.

~ I agree to respect paying Isabella on time.

~ I agree to acknowledge that these groups of children are varied in personality + ability, honouring that Isabella is providing powerful facilitation of these little communities (supporting children to manage conflict, speak their truth, express emotion in healthy ways etc.)


~ I agree to inform Isabella with minimum two-weeks notice if my child wishes to stop attending.

Yahooo, you're in!

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